Watch This Before Taking a Tesla Roadtrip!

Right now we have 81 miles left of range and it says if we’re going to get to Primm, Nevada, which is where the ideal supercharger is, it’s about 42 miles away so what Tesla will do, which is really smart, is the car will navigate and tell you, that’s the ideal next stop, Primm, Nevada and you’ll have five percent battery left. There are a couple of superchargers right here in Vegas that are very convenient to get to. One of them on the south end of the strip is the most convenient and it’s right by shopping and everything.

So tip number one, run your battery down as pretty close to, I mean not dangerously low so you run out of battery, I’ve been there. Run your battery as low as you can before you get to a charging station, try not to stop at every single charging station to keep like a really good energy on there and the reason is because when you have a low battery and you want to get up to about 80 percent full of charge, the charge goes the fastest. It accepts the most amount of electricity and it doesn’t take that long of a time, it’s really, really, really fast but once you have more battery in your car and you pull up to a supercharger, the car is smart enough to limit the amount of energy that’s coming into your car so that it doesn’t ruin the battery by putting too much juice on the higher end, on the full end of the battery and by the way, auto pilot is coming in clutch right now. When you are in major traffic, stop and go traffic, it’s so nice to have auto pilot. It’s looking at all the cars, it’s going, it’s stopping, sometimes it’s totally stopped for 30 seconds and then it keeps going again so auto pilot, it’s the best. (lively music) Oh made it to Primm.

15 miles range left, that’s a little tight. I would not recommend keeping it that tight but I’m happy with it. Charging right here. Tesla charging tip number two, here it is. So right now I think we have 10 superchargers here.

There are five batteries that are behind this thing that run all 10 of these so you have two different superchargers that run on the same battery that’s back here so I just drove around and looked, there’s two other cars here and if you look on the supercharger, there are numbers, this is 1A, this one’s 2A, this black car over here is actually at 1B so if I pull into 1B, this battery is gonna give priority to that car and so 1A is gonna have a lower ampage out until that guy leaves or until his battery becomes full and so you can literally cut your supercharging time in half if you go to a supercharger that doesn’t have anybody there so. – This is where we learned the tip too. – This is, somebody told us randomly, right? – Yep. – The best part about Primm, Nevada is that you’ve got this casino over here, Primm Valley River Casino, it has a giant outlet mall right there so they have Nike store in there, they’ve got like a Guess store so you can go walk around, do some shopping indoors, where it’s nice and cool and it’s a good place to stop.

Here’s what you wanna look at. Right now we’re at 57 kilowatts right now. That’s not good. We should be at like 113 or something.

This isn’t gonna work, this isn’t gonna work. So let’s go pull up to another one. We’re just gonna move from one to the other. Let’s watch those kilowatts.

This is the number to look for. 60 is not that great. – [Lincoln] It’s not great at all.  – So right now we’re at 101 kilowatts, you see that?

All we did was move from one spot so I guess that would be tip number three is to take a look at how much energy is coming in, even though somebody was, there was nobody at either one of those spots at the adjoining ones, it still was lower. Some of the batteries just run slower than others at different charging stations so don’t be afraid to back up, pull forward and back up into another one because it could save you a bunch of time on your trip. We’re at 112 kilowatts.

– That’s what we wanna be at. – That’s exactly what we wanna be at. As your battery gets fuller like above 50 percent, the kilowatts start to drop down and it’ll get down to like 30 kilowatts so that will be have something to do with tip number four but for now, we’re gonna go shopping so let’s go shopping first. (lively music) Welcome to Baker, California. This is one of my favorite charging stops in the entire west coast and you’re gonna see why.

Lincoln’s in the car, it has more charging stations than I’ve ever seen so Lincoln doesn’t know yet, we’re gonna pull up and show him but first I had to stop right here by the sign. It’s close to Death Valley and so they always have this giant thermometer that’s up, right now it is 7:22 pm, it’s 104 degrees outside. West coast is the best coast, I’m sorry east coasters. So apparently that thermometer that we drove by isn’t just a big thermometer, there’s something special about it. – It’s the world’s tallest thermometer.

– [Daniel] Tallest. – Very, very tall. – That’s pretty cool. Well now we’re about to see a Tesla supercharging station that you know what, we don’t even technically have to stop, we’re supposed to keep driving according to our navigation to the next supercharger, I still have 189 miles left of range.

I don’t know if this is true or not but I feel like this is the world’s largest supercharging facility. – What in the world? – [Daniel] Look at all those superchargers. – No one’s even there.

– No, nobody’s ever here, nobody’s ever here, like navigation wouldn’t tell me to go here. – There’s like a roof and stuff. – [Daniel] Yeah, it’s solar panels on top. – Yeah, this is probably the world’s largest.

– There are so many, there are so many right here so we might as well charge for a few minutes and I gotta show you this place. K Lincoln, let’s count em up. How many are there? – 40. – 40?

He did a fast math because, which is smart, I like his style. Over here there is 20 A and 20 B and so 20 is the highest number, there are 40 superchargers here in Baker, California. So check this out, all of these are to power this. Now there’s a couple of things going on here. I’m still not an expert on Tesla stuff but this looks very similar to a hotel that we know that has Tesla batteries in it so this side of it could be the batteries that capture the sun from these up here but these look different.

These must be, yeah they are, look at it, post 1A and 1B so this right here is the battery pack that is for supercharger 1A and 1B that’s right there. At the last supercharging station when I said that the two different chargers A and B work off of the same battery, this is it right here, these are them. I’ve never actually seen this before. – [Lincoln] Whoa, it’s hot. – It’s blowing some air out of it, well it’s hot air. Which one are we in?

We’re in 13A. Here’s ours. There’s the wind.

– How do you know that? Oh yeah. – It says 13 on it. How cool that you’ve got the sun charging these batteries and providing energy for these cars.

The lights went on, the sun is down, isn’t this beautiful? Pink sky, blue sky, Tesla chargers, tons of chargers over here, tons of chargers over there and a Dairy Queen if you wanna get some ice cream, yum. Alright, let’s just unplug and get out of here. – It doesn’t make sense for this place to be 40.

– There’s never any cars here. – [Lincoln] I know. – I feel like the GPS doesn’t recognize and doesn’t tell people to stop here yet ’cause it’s so new. We have 18 superchargers here in Yermo, California.

Do you see this giant ice cream sundae above my head over here, that’s where we’re heading. This is my favorite supercharger that I’ve been to so far because of the candy and actually because of the bathrooms, let me show ya. (lively music) Toys over there. Candy, nuts, organic candy, raw nuts, crystal candy, what’s crystal candy?

– [Lincoln] It’s a hard rock candy. – [Daniel] Oh wow, yum, that looks good. – I’ve actually made those before. – You’ve made em? Wow.

Raisin clusters, raisin clusters, frosted honeycomb, honeycomb sponge and you have all these Beanieboos, all just looking at us. This is the gummy candy section. – [Lincoln] Oh this is my favorite section. – [Daniel] Blue jelly beans, a pizza, a gummy pizza.

– [Lincoln] What? – [Daniel] A gummy pizza. Oh, there’s a giant gummy snake. (lively music) Oh, my favorite, the green frogs. – Oh yes, those and the sharks.

I don’t know why, the two animals are the best. – [Daniel] They are good. – They’re so good. – [Daniel] I don’t know what it is. Randomly you’ve got the Lakers original court over here.

Eddie World Yermo, one of only two in existence, this is a piece that the Lakers had from 1967 to 1999, this is the floor. – That’s six NBA championships just on that floor? – This floor experienced six NBA championships and it’s in Yermo, California at a candy gas station stop.

Okay, there’s something interesting in the bathroom. We’re gonna go in there but I can’t film in there so okay here’s the urinals, what is this? – What am I supposed to do?

– [Daniel] Why is there like, maybe if you start peeing it does something. I feel like my hands are dirty just from touching that. – Now I can’t pee anymore. – It’s got a cricket game going on. You play it as you pee it, it sees your pee.

It’s looking at your pee, how does it know? Game over, you lose. You lost the pee game. K, I’m not gonna show any peeing. Family friendly here but I’m about to crush it on some game.

There’s gotta be some violation of privacy going on with this cricket game. I mean it was fun, don’t get me wrong. I need to see what’s inside that game.

How does it know as soon as I stand there, it didn’t do it until I unzipped my pants and got ready and then it knew, I wanted to play ball. Maybe I don’t recommend using that. Come to Yermo, let’s check out the floor, get some food, we’re about to get some ice cream but maybe don’t do the urinal because I’m a little concerned about my privacy. (lively music) The ice cream was so good I didn’t even show it on camera but we just had ice cream.

– It was so good. – It was good, see they agree. There we go, there’s the end of Eddie world for you. I think I’ve already done tip number four. Here’s tip number five, if I skipped one this is four but anyway, tip number five. You don’t need to fully charge at every single station.

It’s better to stop at more stations and charge for like 25 minutes because when you get to the end of the charging and like I said earlier, the last 70 percent to 100 percent it could take you forever, maybe I already mentioned this tip. Fill up like 50 to 80 percent or 50 to 70 percent and then bolt. Off we go. We’ve got an hour and 20 minutes left, it’s dark in here, sorry until we get there, 10:24 to our hotel. We’re doing some cool stuff in Los Angeles so get ready, oh, thanks for the light.

Alright we just pulled up to our hotel in Ontario, California by the airport at a Doubletree ’cause we like eating the cookies. Okay and check this out, battery power very low, 26 miles. This is not a best practice to run it this low but I’m doing a special YouTube video, hopefully it’ll be out tomorrow about the Tesla battery and a possible way to charge it back up when it’s died so it’s gonna be an interesting experiment but what it means is that I have to get it this low so that tomorrow we’re probably gonna run it to zero just for the video to test out a theory that we have.

I guess that’s the end of our road trip, oh no no no, the cookie, we gotta show you the cookie. This is why we stay at the Doubletree. They give you warm cookies, chocolate chip cookies when you stay here and here’s a little secret, sometimes if you see a Doubletree close by, you can just go in, even if you’re not a guest and if they’re nice at the front desk, you can ask em, hey, can I have a cookie and they’ll give you a cookie just anytime of the day. I think the record of cookies was Lincoln and Zach when we were in Hawaii at a Doubletree. – Yes.

– They got seven cookies in one day from the front desk. We were staying there so that’s good but anyway, it’s 10:30, it’s nighttime, our car is almost dead and so we’re gonna let it sit there all night to go down even more. Tomorrow we’re gonna film a crazy video with a dead battery. – The seven cookies was really good. I don’t think I can beat it though.

– [Daniel] This one right here, birds apparently like to live on it.